Ready.. Set… GO!

Hello MysteryLAN participants!

Today the MysteryLAN event will be held, but before we start we would like to provide you with some practical information.

The tournament schedule:


Start: 20.00
Game: Call of Duty 4
Description: This prestigious game has been a reoccurring phenomenon across the various LAN events held by incognito. This tournament will use the  promod mod for competitive play.


Start: 15.00
Game: League of Legends
Description: Who hasn’t heard of LoL yet? This seasoned moba game has proven itself in various championships events and is frequently seen on the screens of many DKE’ers.

Start: 20.00
Game: Hearthstone
Description: This online digital collecting card game will make its debut at the MysteryLAN this year. Build your deck and compete against fellow DKE’ers to prove your superior tactical skills!

 If any questions remain feel free to contact the MysteryLAN crew!