Let’s Get Ready!

Hello Everyone!

Are you ready for another round of fragging, kill stealing and a good dose of positive competition?
Well.. you better be, because we are back again!
This time bigger, better and faster!

On March 4th, 18:00, we will open the gates to the MysteryLAN battle grounds where we will witness an ongoing onslaught across every gaming discipline! We will finish the event on March 6th with the prize ceremony where the new formed champions will receive their well earned trophies!

In order to keep the gaming gods pleased we require an offering of €15,00 for members and €20,00 for non-members! (grants entrance to the event for the entire weekend)

During the event we will have several competitions (of course with a reward for the winner(s)!). The exact details of these competitions will be announced later on. Of course participation in these competitions is not mandatory and you are free to play any game that you like at any time of the day! Of course we all do this to have fun with each other!

On both the background and foreground we have been working hard to present you the next edition of the MysteryLAN!
With new purchased hardware we can hook you up to a faster LAN connection, better network management, a steam cache (to significantly increase steam download speeds!) and an even better internet connection!
We will now also supply you with an internet cable! No longer the need to bring your own!

So what are you waiting for!? Go sign up before it is too late!


– The MysteryLAN crew