Games Schedule

Hope everyone is doing well!

Some people asked if there was a schedule for the games we’ve announced. Well, ask and you shall receive!

Overwatch: Friday night 20:00 till 02:00
League of Legends: Saturday evening 17:00 till 23:00
Smash Bros: Saturday night 00:00 till 02:00

Of course, you’re free to play whatever game you want, when ever you want! We hope as many of you as possible will be competing in the tournaments.

Let the games begin in 4 days ;)

MysteryLAN November 2017 Announcement

We’re back!

Incognito proundly invites you to the MysteryLAN! On Friday November 17th, from 18:00 onwards, you are welcome to take part in 3 days of hardcore GAMING! The event will last until Sunday afternoon, November 19th at 12:00 with a prize ceremony for the champions.

In order to keep the gaming gods pleased (and keep the electricity and internet running!) as always we require an offering of €15,00 for Incognito members and €20,00 for non-members! (grants entrance to the event for the entire weekend)

During the event we will have several competitions (with a reward for the winner(s)!). The competitions are going to be for the following games:

– Overwatch
– League of Legends
– Super Smash Bros

Of course participation in these competitions is not compulsory and you are free to play any game that you like at any time of the day! The goal of the weekend is to have fun with each other!

So what are you waiting for!? Go sign up before it is too late!

The MysteryLAN Crew