MysteryLAN November 2019 Practical Information

Hi guys! With less than a week to go until the LAN, here is some useful information to help make your MysteryLAN experience as good as it can be.

You will need to bring the following things:
-Your computer/monitor/laptop/accessories/etc
-Power extension block (read the rules regarding power use!)
-Headphones (Speakers are NOT allowed!)
-Food, drinks and snacks
-Warm clothes (It might get cold during the night)
-As many pre-installed games as possible

Location: Queske, Unit 6c 20, Entre Deux, Dominicanerkerk, 6211 CZ, Maastricht (for those who are unsure where this is, check out the video in the Facebook event)
Start time: Friday 8th November, 18:00 (you’re welcome to setup your gear up from 16:00, but there will be final network tests and we will be finalizing the overall setup)
End time: Sunday November 10th, 12:00. At this time we will start the clean up

MysteryLAN will provide:
-A chair
-Part of a table
-A power socket
-A 3 to 5 meter long network cable
-Breathable air

Please don’t forget to read the rules at
Let’s have a very fun weekend together and we see you all at MysteryLAN!

MysteryLAN November 2019 Tournaments

Before we announce the tournaments, we just want to remind people that these are NOT MANDATORY! If anyone has an idea for a tournament please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help you out!
With that said, you guys have voted and these are the games you wanted to see!
Friday 20:00 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Saturday 17:00 – League of Legends
Saturday 17:00 – Age of Empires 2
Saturday 21:00 – Mario Kart 8
Sign ups will be opened soon. Getting practicing!