Registrations have opened!

Hey all!

We are back with more news on the next edition of MysteryLAN!

From the 17th until the 19th of April 2015.59517830
It will start after all lectures on friday have ended. The end will be somewhere Sunday afternoon.

Once again Codepoke is lending their office to us. It is situated on the first floor at Maasboulevard 1, in Maastricht.

Virtually anyone somewhat related to Incognito can join in, although we do have limited spots open! In order to make sure you will be able to attend this event make sure you subscribe at the ‘join-the-fun’ page! Sorry all spots have been taken!

In this edition we will organize 3 competitions (1 per day) that will be elected through the subscription form. For every competition we will provide a small suitable prize and the everlasting glory of being mentioned as a winner at the previous winners page!


Got questions? Feel free to ask any of the hacKErs committee members or send an e-mail to

– The MysteryLAN crew

MysteryLAN 2015

Hello all!

After the last LAN some of you asked for a second LAN party this year. And of course hacKErs has to maintain its generous reputation. Therefore we will facilitate a second LAN in the 5th block. Soon we will provide you with more information and a date!

– The MysteryLAN crew



Tournaments 2014 Q4

Well then, we’re close to MysteryLAN! If you haven’t signed up for one or more tournaments yet, it might be handy to know where you can choose from! There will also be a tournament by popular vote! So if you know a lot of your friends also like a game, let us know!


There will be tournaments for these games:


UT2004-logo Super_smash_bros_logo