MysteryLAN 2014

MysteryLAN 2014 will take place from the 28th of November till the 30th of November. Here you get a chance to show off your epic and nerdy game skills during a weekend full of gaming! You might even win some of the prizes!

This weekend starts on Friday after the lectures at Maasboulevard 1, 6211 JW, Maastricht and we will start cleaning up Sunday in the afternoon.

The subscription fee for the LAN party is €15 for Incognito members.
The subscription fee for the LAN party is €20 for non Incognito members.
The subscription fee for the LAN party is €30 when you also want to become a Incognito member.

If you want more information, feel free to contact us at

Please read all rules and conditions for participation at before signing up!

You can sign up at


Website downtime / Server migration

Well then.. This is a bit awkward…

We’ve moved our website to a new webhost, but forgot to update the DNS settings of our domain name. So still pointed to the old webhost and all changes were made on this old webhost, which was cancelled last week. As a result: No more!

We restored a backup we had, but this is missing some of the content changes of the last couple weeks. It will take some time to update everything again. But not to worry, it will be done :)


Long story short: We’re idiots, but everything is working again.


MysteryLAN 2014 preperations

It’s that time again.

That time where we’ve started arranging the 2014 edition of MysteryLAN. This year it will take place in the last week of November or the first week of December, depending on the location.

Keep your eyes on this website for more information about MysteryLAN or take a look at to see what else MSV Incognito is organizing this year!