MysteryLAN November 2019 Sponsor

In the run up to the MysteryLAN, we’re giving a massive shout out to all our sponsors. First up, we’d love to say a huge thank you to CODE 043!

CODE043 is a youth organisation and foundation. They enable young adults and students who have great ideas and concepts to realise them. Everyone between the ages of 12 and 25 with affinity for Maastricht can submit their plans, and they will provide guidance if need be. Not only do they examine your projects, they also create their own projects, called CODE EVENTS. Follow their blog to keep track of all the ins and outs at CODE043.

Check them out!

MysteryLAN November 2019 Announcement

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain….”

Sign ups:

It’s time for the MysteryLAN again, and this time it’s gonna be the biggest MysteryLAN yet!

On Friday, November 8th, from 18:00 onwards, you are welcome to take part in the MysteryLAN for 3 days of GAMING! The event will last until Sunday afternoon, November 10th.

During the event, we will have several competitions, which will be revealed at a later date (keep your eyes peeled!).

Of course, participation in these competitions is not compulsory and you are free to play any game that you like at any time of the day! The goal of the weekend is to have fun with each other!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make this LAN the best one yet! You don’t even need to bring your own internet cables.

A massive thank you to our sponsors, Code043 and Activitree! Without these guys we would not be able to put on the biggest MysteryLAN ever, so thank you very much!

The entrance fee for MysteryLAN is:

€10 for students.
€15 for non-students

Unit 6c 20
Entre Deux
Dominicanerkerk 1

Please read all rules and conditions for participation at before signing up!
You can sign up at
If you want more information, feel free to contact us at
So what are you waiting for!? Go sign up before it is too late!

MysteryLAN May 2019 Practical Information

Hi guys! With only a week to until the LAN, here is some useful information to help make your MysteryLAN experience as good as it can be.

You will need to bring the following things:
-Your computer/monitor/laptop/accessories/etc
-Power extension block (read the rules regarding power use!)
-Headphones (Speakers are NOT allowed!)
-Food, drinks and snacks
-Warm clothes (It might get cold during the night)
-As many pre-installed games as possible

Location: Queske, Unit 6c 20, Entre Deux, Dominicanerkerk, 6211 CZ, Maastricht (check the Facebook event for a video on how to get there)
Start time: Friday 3rd May, 18:00 (you’re welcome to setup your gear up from 16:00, but there will be final network tests and we will be finalizing the overall setup)
End time: Sunday May 5th, 12:00. At this time we will start the clean up

Facebook event:

MysteryLAN will provide:
-A chair
-Part of a table
-A power socket
-A 3 to 5 meter long network cable
-Breathable air

Please don’t forget to read the rules at
Let’s have a very fun weekend together and we see you all at MysteryLAN!