MysteryLAN May 2019 Sponsor

Next up for sponsors: Activitree!

Find fellow-students with the same interests, see what’s happening in Maastricht and organize group activities easily with Activitree. They are a group of young entrepreneurs, working very hard to make the app useful for people like you. Download it for free, try it out and feel free to give them feedback! They update the app every week and are looking for interns! Playstore:

A massive thank you to you guys, go check them out!

MysteryLAN May 2019 Sponsor

All this week, we’re giving a massive shout out to all our sponsors. First up, we’d love to say a huge thank you to CODE 043!

CODE043 is a youth organisation and foundation. They enable young adults and students who have great ideas and concepts to realise them. Everyone between the ages of 12 and 25 with affinity for Maastricht can submit their plans, and they will provide guidance if need be. Not only do they examine your projects, they also create their own projects, called CODE EVENTS. Follow their blog to keep track of all the ins and outs at CODE043.

Check them out!

MysteryLAN May 2019 Payment Reminder

Hope everyone is having a happy Easter! Just a reminder to everyone who hasn’t paid – please do so before next Monday! Failure to do so could result in your spot being offered to someone else. So do the smart thing – sign up, pay and start practising your skills!

We’ll be announcing the schedule and sign ups for competitions this week, and sending some practical information at the start of next week. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!