Previous Winners

MysteryLAN 2015 Q2

Another year, another mysteryLAN. A smaller version of the Q4 edition but not less exciting!
This years winners are

  • Call of Duty 4: Gwen van Vlokhoven
  • Hearthstone: Bas Willemse

Congratulations and have fun with your prizes!

-The MysteryLAN crew


MysteryLAN 2014 Q4

After a weekend of fragging, penta-killing and occasionally getting some sleep it would be a shame to let the winners go unannounced, now would it?
So here they are, the glorious winners!

  • League of Legends: Nathan Dobbie, Phillip Dobbie, Gwen van Vlokhoven, Wybe van Vlokhoven and Daan Paardekooper!
  • Magic: Bas Willemse!!
  • Super Smash Bros: Sidney Jacobs!
  • Track Mania: Job Hartjes!
  • Unreal Tournament: Pieter Schaap!

Although we can’t let everyone win, we hope you enjoyed participating in the competitions and the LAN in its entirety!
See you in 2k15!