All participants of MysteryLAN are only allowed to power the following items:

  1. PC
  2. Monitor
  3. Low power electronic devices, ask permission from the crew before plugging in!

This is a necessary restriction to keep the power grid from overloading. If you wish to use more than 1 power socket, please bring your own power strip.


MysteryLAN owns it’s network equipment. We will provide a local 1000mbit network and network cables for participant computers.

We don’t enforce very strict bandwidth limitations as long as it isn’t necessary, but  we do use QoS and ask everybody to use the bandwidth responsibly. Local IP addresses will be distributed through a DHCP server, so you won’t have to configure your network settings.


MysteryLAN will provide game and file servers. The file servers will provide an easy way to get the latest patches and free games, so you don’t have to unnecessarily use the internet connection.


There will be a wireless network at MysteryLAN, but this is NOT FOR GAMING. We won’t support this network, it is provided as is. It is meant for people who want to check Whatsapp or use other low-bandwidth applications.


There will be internet access at MysteryLAN. Please keep in mind that MysteryLAN reserves the right to block websites, services and/or ports.


For further questions, you can always contact us at