MysteryLAN rules and conditions for participation


1.1 Each visitor’s participation is a binding contract to abide by the rules. MysteryLAN reserves the right to without further notice change the rules. Updates are posted as soon as possible at

1.2 Each participant must follow the instructions from MysteryLAN’s crew, fire- and security guards, and also authorities as police and fire brigade etc (even if these instructions go against MysteryLAN rules.).


2.1 Each Table Seat Rent is valid for one (1) person and one (1) computer to the event. With each ticket you receive a table space and a chair, and the right to be inside MysteryLAN during the entire event, according to opening/closing times.

2.2 A ticket only becomes valid after the Table Seat Rent has been paid in full and the payment has been processed.

2.3 The table space is limited to reasonable dimensions (at least 80 cm by 50 cm, as long as the location permits this). Taking up multiple tables spaces, for example by using multiple big monitors, is not allowed.

2.4 Already paid for Table Seats cannot be refunded. Sickness or unforeseen events do not grant you a refund.

2.5 Should the Event be cancelled, it will be postponed to a later date, Table Seat Rent will not be refunded. The Table Seat Rent is valid at the new date of the postponed Event.

2.6 Each registered user is responsible to fill in all contact information correctly.

2.7 Any disruptions in the internet connection, Local Area Network or power net do not grant you a refund or reduced Table Seat Rent. Any cancelled lectures, contests or other happenings do not grant you a refund or reduced Table Seat Rent.

2.8 The personal information that you fill in when registering are stored and processed by MSV Incognito, who is in charge of the processing. By agreeing to these terms you allow us to handle your personal information as above stated.


3.1 Participation in the event MysteryLAN is at your own risk.

3.2 Follow our rules, use caution, eat and sleep normally. It is highly recommended to get a full good night’s sleep if you intend to be driving from MysteryLAN.

3.3 MSV Incognito is not liable for any economical loss in relation to MysteryLAN, directly or indirect, for example in case of a cancelled event, table or seat instability, electrical failure or similar.

3.4 No person or persons shall hold MSV Incognito liable.

3.5 MSV Incognito is not responsible for personal belongings or equipment. Do not leave valuable belongings unattended!


4.1 You are not allowed to handle or in any other way place clothes or other flammable material on power stations or alike. You are not allowed to hang or in any other way place anything in the electricity or network cables hanging in-between the table rows.

4.2 You are not allowed to use home-made electrical equipment. Please use electricity cables and extensions of good quality. Poor quality electrical cables or extensions can harm your computer equipment, and also creates ground leaks that will cause the electrical circuits to shutdown and result in your equipment being without power until corrected.

4.3 You are absolutely not allowed to bring any form of: toaster, microwave oven, coffee boiler, refrigerator, searchlight or any other high power consuming or heat producing appliances. Even standard spotlights and common 230V light bulbs are a fire risk and may only be used with extreme caution and may not be covered with flammable material such as paper, plastic, clothes etc. MysteryLAN crew has the right to confiscate your belonging after repeated warnings.

4.4 Fire in any form (candles, lighters, gas stoves or alike) are not allowed to be used.

4.5 You are not allowed to bring a kick bike, skateboard or similar transportation gear within the building. This does not apply for MysteryLAN crew.

4.6 You are responsible for keeping your seat and the surrounding area free from litter. Since this is burnable material it increases the risk of fire. Throw your garbage into the recycling bins placed in the aisles. Please help us recycle by placing your litter in the correct places (compost, combustible, cans and -very important- electrical stuff like broken keyboards, cables, circuit boards etc)

4.7 You are not permitted to bring an armchair, couch or alike. These are both too large and contain too much combustible material. A simple office chair is allowed.

4.8 You are not permitted to sleep underneath the tables or in the aisles. It is preferred that participants arrange sleeping accommodation outside of the building. If no accommodation can be arranged, you can contact the MysteryLAN crew before the event and a solution will be sought.

4.9 You are not allowed to in any way store belongings in the aisle behind you seat since these aisles must be kept free in case of a fire! Your belongings should thus be able to fit underneath your table area.

4.10 Laser pointers are strongly prohibited at MysteryLAN. Ticket & table seat will be revoked and access to MysteryLAN will be stopped.


5.1 Each participant should be aware of disruption of the electricity and/or LAN grids could occur. MysteryLAN’s crew will repair these problems with highest priority.

5.2 Each participant must bring their own power splitter and connect it to their appointed power outlet supplied by MysteryLAN. You are not allowed to consume power from your neighbour or any other power outlet. This is very important to make sure that the load on the power network is kept correct to decrease any grounding errors.

5.3 Each Table Seat may use an maximum of 400W. Please observe that the effect your power supply can handle is not the same as what it uses!

5.4 You are not allowed to bring any form of PA equipments or speakers. To reduce the sound level and power consumption we ask you to use headphones. Any form of 3d system and subwoofers will be confiscated.

5.5 You are strictly forbidden to bring any form of: toaster, microwave oven, coffee boiler, refrigerator, searchlight or any other high watt consuming or heat producing appliances.

5.6 You are not permitted to connect more than one (1) computer to MysteryLAN’s network.

5.7 Space and power permitting, each participant may have up to 2 monitors. If the placement of a second monitor would overflow into the next space, or if there is an issue with the power caused by an additional monitor, we reserve the right to ask participants to remove one of the monitors from the desk. Failure to comply may result in the participant being removed from MysteryLAN.

5.8 You are not permitted to connect your own networking equipment to MysteryLAN’s network.

5.9 If your computer is causing problems in the network such as: virus, attacks, etc, your computer will be disconnected until the problem is resolved. If the person refuses to disconnect his/her computer from the network we have the right to evict this person from the premises.

5.10 Each participant shall take proper precaution to protect themselves from the network against spreading of viruses, spyware etc. Everyone is advised to have an updated antivirus program and firewall installed.


6.1 The activities of the participant must not disturb good order at MysteryLAN and must not cause disturbance to others, cause an infringement on the rights of MysteryLAN or others, nor be detrimental to the integrity and security of the network.

6.2  Consulting internet services that have a pornographic, racist, discriminatory, insulting or offensive content in public spaces or sending messages with such content is not allowed

6.3 Sending harassing/sexually harassing messages or messages that incite or could incite discrimination, hatred and/or violence is not allowed.

6.4 Sending unsolicited messages to vast numbers of recipients, sending chain letters or sending malware, such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware is not allowed.

6.5 Using file sharing or streaming services (such as Twitch, YouTube, Internet radio and TV-on-demand) if the volume of data traffic imposes a threat to the integrity and safety of the computer or network facilities is not allowed.

6.6 Downloading films, music, software and other copyright-protected material from any illegal source or if the participant actually knows that this violates copyrights is not allowed.

6.7 Distributing or uploading films, music, software and other copyright-protected material to or for third parties without the consent of the owners is not allowed.

6.8 Gaming is not allowed on the wireless network. The wireless network at MysteryLAN is not supported and is provided as-is.

6.9 Only the use of low-bandwidth applications is allowed on the wireless network, such as e-mail or messaging apps.


7.1 Competition rules are subject to change. The organiser’s decision is final.

7.2 Low-alcohol drinks, like beer and wine, are allowed to be taken onto MysteryLAN premises in limited quantities. When this leads to intoxicated or unwanted behaviour, the MysteryLAN crew will confiscate the drinks. People found intoxicated and/or on drugs will be shown off the premises.

7.3 Drugs in any form do not belong and are not allowed to be taken onto MysteryLAN premises. People intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs/other non-allowed substances will not be allowed on the premises, at any time. People found intoxicated and/or on drugs will be shown off the premises.

7.4 Smoking is strictly forbidden in the gaming areas and other indoor areas of MysteryLAN. Please take this into consideration. Electronic cigarettes are not allowed to be used inside of MysteryLAN.

7.5 Each person may only use one chair at every computer space. You are not allowed to pile two or more chairs on top of each other to create a higher chair. You are allowed to bring a reasonably sized pillow to sit on.

7.6 You are in no way permitted to build your own table, or extend pre-existing ones.

7.7 You may not alter or touch MysteryLAN’s cables or equipment.

7.8 MysteryLAN has no minimum age requirement; participants under the age of 18 should have their parent’s permission to attend MysteryLAN. Guardian shall be aware of MysteryLAN’s rules!

7.9 Breaking Dutch laws can lead to you being reported to the Dutch authorities and immediate eviction from the premises awaiting the police.

7.10 You are not permitted to sell anything without the permission of MSV Incognito. This does not include occasional sale of second hand or personal belongings.

7.11 Posting posters or any other spreading of commercial material, propaganda or anything similar is strictly forbidden without special clearance from MSV Incognito.

7.12 MysteryLAN retains the legal right to place network cameras for publishing on the Internet and also publish photo’s taken inside and outside MysteryLAN on the Internet without asking further permission from participants that may be visible in the picture.

7.13 MysteryLAN retains the legal right to edit, publish, modify, sell and distribute photographs, video and audio recordings taken inside and outside MysteryLAN on various content delivery channels such as but not limited to Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and, and as a physical copy such as but not limited to DVD, HDCAM SR and Blu-Ray without asking further permission from persons that may be visible in the picture.